Friday, April 22, 2011

My Results!!

Hey Ladies,

You girls want to know my results after trying Voluptuous Curves this system is kinda expensive but it really works and is lot cheaper than surgery. You can order it online at:

Voluptuous Curves ($79.95), are dietary supplements and they work (internally) by stimulating the hormones naturally and re-distributing fat from the stomach to the hips and buttocks. The Brazilian Butt Shaping Serum ($92.95), is a topical gel and works (externally) to tone the skin, shape the buttocks by defining the natural curve to it while enhancing the shape by plumping the fat tissues.

In the beginning I didn't belive this system could work for me. After trying now for 1 - month i am a really pleased and this blog is my testimony.

My butt was really ugly sunk-in and flat, I had no shape or definition to my buttocks. I was long and narrow. I am a very pretty girl but my butt was one of my flaws. I started looking into surgical procedures but could really afford them  because that cost was between $5k - $10,000  iam just a student who is un-employed so this was not an option. Also they statistic show these surgeries can be dangerous and risky.

I started doing booty excercises squates, lunges, and all that stuff  (useless). My buttocks did get firmer but that was it.... it did (not) get bigger, larger, fuller, nor rounder. I was so depressed because my boyfriend is a (butt-man) if you know what I mean... and I was sad that my booty was just flat. My boyfriends loves me the way I am don't get me wrong but I just wanted to feel sexy and alluring to him. I have never felt like I was sexy cause I have (NO ASS-ATOL) disease lol.

Well, my friend who works with celebrity trainer told me a little secret she her trainer told her that he saw a bottle of Voluptuous Curves in Kim Kardashian's gym bag. I was like (4-Real)!!! So, we did some research on the product and more information on the website.

April 2011 I personally took the plunge and ordered (1) bottle of the Voluptuous Curves, (1) bottle of Slim-waist,  and (1) bottle of Brazilian Butt Shaping Serum. After just 30 days we saw some difference but not much. But I was patient so I ordered again. My next month I ordered Voluptuous Curves and Slim-waist. I had a lot of the butt shaping serum left so I didn't need to reorder that. on my second month I did notice a bigger difference in the size and shape of booty.

My butt became really jiggly and fuller... like it had been pumped up or something. My butt shape before from the sides was flat and my hips were narrow. Now my butt from the side has a little poked out C curve to it. My friends even started to notice and starting teasing me chanting "Candi got a big ol' butt ~ oh yeah"

My new booty has grown about 1.5 inches ... that my not seem like much but it's a whole lot bigger, fuller, and rounder than ever before!!!!

My boyfriend started asking me was i doing squats or lunges... I told him about the system and he didn't believe me. He thinks I am lying!!!! My friends also started getting questioning what i was doing.

 If you have any questions about this product go visit the website at or you can email the customer service department at


Hello World,

It has now been (3-months) and I have to say I really do like what I see. EXCEPT FOR (ONE) THING.... help i am getting (too) big. Like my botty keeps growing and my (butt and hips) are really full and wide. Like really I gained 3 inches already. I am not sure if I want to keep using this stuff if I get any bigger. I called into the order department and asked why was I getting so big. They told me that some women get bigger than Nikki Minaj, that is crazy!!!!
Anyway my regimen was as follows if you want my results....

I used (Slim-waist) and the (Brazilian Butt-Shaping), Voluptuous Curves was on back-order so I used the slim-waist and the brazilian butt shaping serum together.

I took (1) capsule of (SLIM-WAIST) in the morning and (1) capsule in the evening.
I rubbed the (BRAZILIAN BUTT SHAPING) oil on my butt ** three (3) times a day morning, afternoon, and evening.

Workout Routine: I did basic squats 25 and also 25 lunges per day. Five days out of the week.

If my booty gets any bigger (LOL) my head might get too big for my body... I don't want to be called Ms. Big Butt .... I will say one thing though the system does work FOR SURE!!!! If you're looking for a super big butt the people at my hot secrets got the answer.
Candi Girl Williams


  1. does it last without taking the supplements or do you have to keep taking it for teh results to stay

  2. I jus recieved them 3 days ago i am so excited to see wats to come....any advice for me?

  3. Can someone email me about how they're liking the pills?

  4. I took vc for a month and saw a slight difference, if anyone took them for more than 1 month and is skinny like me can u please email me and let me know ur results & REAL before & after pics!!!!

  5. I want to go ahead any order these supplements but I really want to know if this stuff works ? If so please email me or reply this blog.